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2MIE foreign rights translation copywriting
2MIE vertalingen copywriting editing foreign rights


2MIE is an initiative by Rosemie Vermeulen (professional translator and author, and founder of the Translation Agency RMV, see and Annemie Reyntjens, historian, photographer, and author (

2MIE assists publishers in selling rights abroad. What sets 2MIE apart from competitors is its extensive network of publishers in over 70 countries and the fact that it provides intensive support for translations, with the possibility of co-editing.

Publishers can apply for a partnership with 2MIE for 1 to 3 books. Each case is evaluated separately. For each selected book, 2MIE, in consultation with the publisher, handles A a professional presentation of the book and B the translation into English of 15 to 20 carefully chosen pages. 2MIE invests half of the translation cost, based on market rates. Subsequently, the book is presented to a well-thought-out selection of publishers from the available network. The partner receives a list of the contacted publishers.

2MIE is also specialized in corporate editions, where the entire publication process is guided, from discussing the concept to editing and proofreading, photography, layout, printing, distribution, etc.

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